3 natural methods to remove stretch marks

Your skin consists of elastin, which is a soft flexible tissue. Although your skin is elastic, and it has its limits when these limits are exceeded the stretch marks are created.

Cases where your skin exceeds its elasticity is when there are sudden weight changes, rapid growth in puberty, and pregnancy. In all these cases the result is stretch marks. Gradually stretch marks fade and become silver or white, but they do not disappear by themselves. There are many products such as creams for stretch marks and pregnancy stretch marks that promise immediate stretch marks treatment.

Below you will find a few suggestions which can help you to remove or at least reduce the appearance of stretch marks with 3 natural methods.


Aloe Vera

The benefits of Aloe Vera is known to those who make homemade cosmetics and beauty recipes. This plant contains collagen that helps to regenerate skin. • Use as much as possible fresh Aloe Vera by taking its leaves. You will only need Aloe Vera leaves.

How to do it

Remove the thorns from the leaves and get rid of the outer casing.

Take the sticky gel from inside the leaves

Spread the gel on the stretch marks and leave it for two hours

Rinsed with water



Lemons are known for their natural whitening action. The acids and vitamins that contains lemon can effectively remove the dead cells and to make the stretch marks disappear

You will need: 1 lemon and warm water for rinsing.

How to do it:

Cut the lemon into two halves

Take one half and rub it gently on the area with stretch marks for at least 10 minutes

Feel the lemon juice on your skin

Rinse with warm water

Also you can try with cucumber and lemon juice, lemon juice and lemon potato with tomato juice mixing equal parts of each component.


Egg whites

The egg contains 40 different proteins and for this reason it helps a lot the skin. Egg white also has collagen and vitamin A, and is beneficial for the health of the skin.

How to do it:

You will need: 1 egg

Separate the egg white from the yolk

Stir with a fork the egg white

Spread it out on the stretch marks and let it act for 15 minutes

Rinsed with water.

Extra Tip: It is very important to drink water to keep your skin hydrated and elastic. Also, eat well because your body needs the nutrients which can do good to your skin. Indicatively, consume sufficient amount of protein daily, foods with vitamins C and E. Dry nuts and fruits are very nutritious, and can even help during pregnancy.